Van Mark TrimCutter

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Van Mark TrimCutter

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The Van Mark TrimCutter is a unique innovative addition to any current Van Mark Cam-Lock brake. This Slitting Tool has a 4 point track system that allows for accurate cutting of the material and keeps the tool adjacent to the brake. The long-lasting durable knives on the TrimCutter will cut up to 24 gauge Painted Steel Grade D and is designed to cut though thousands of feet of material without becoming dull. Van Mark's TrimCutter has a low-profile handle where direct pressure is applied into the brake to ensure a precise, accurate cut.

PLEASE NOTE: The TrimCutter is NOT compatible with the Van Mark Trim-A-Brake II


  • Knives made from 100% hardened tool steel
  • Tool uses 4-point roll bearing track system
  • Used with Mark I, II, IV, Metal Master 20, and Industrial Metal Master 20
  • Low profile grip provides unprecedented control over your tool during cut
Van Mark TrimCutter Side View Van Mark TrimCutter Material Insert Van Mark TrimCutter Van Mark TrimCutter Removing frim Brake
This tool is designed to require very low or little maintenance Place material into brake* and align desired cut 1 1/2 inches from stainless steel edge. Clamp in place to prevent shifting while cutting. Facing the front of the brake, place your TrimCutter to the right end of the brake and engage the track bearings to the guide tracks as shown above In one complete steady motion, extend your TrimCutter along guide tracks until entire piece is severed from material. Remove tool from brake.
TrimCutter will not work on Trim-A-Brake I & II or J Brakes. Ask for details before purchase.

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Van Mark TrimCutter Cutting Capabilities

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