Van Mark TrimFormer

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Van Mark TrimFormer

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Manufacturer Part Number: 3015

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Van Mark TrimFormer™ #3015 is a proven tool that lets you add beauty & strength to your trim distinguishing your workmanship and increasing profit margins. TrimFormer™ comes standard with Rib Form dies & Brick Mold dies and uses a 4-point track bearing system to ensure smooth consistent use when forming multiple components.

Effortlessly integrate custom profiles into your trim work. Only TrimFormer™ offers "true" brick mold profile capability with brick mold dies. TrimFormer™ works on all Mark Series brakes built after 1985 & all Metal Master® Series brakes and comes standard with rib and brick mold dies. Crown Mold dies & Bead Form dies are optional.

PLEASE NOTE: The TrimFormer is NOT compatible with the Van Mark Trim-A-Brake II


  • Rib dies, included with tool, stiffen and enhance panels
  • Brick Mold dies, included with tool, cover brick mold perfectly
  • Optional dies available for adding curb appeal or prenting moisture intrusion
Van Mark TrimFormer Crown Mold Example Van Mark TrimFormer True Brick Mold Example Van Mark TrimFormer Rib/Fascia Example Van Mark TrimFormer Reverse Rib/Fascia Profile
Crown Mold example True Brick Mold profile >Rib/Fascia example Reverse Rib/Fascia profile

Available Dies
Van Mark TrimFormer Rib Shape Van Mark TrimFormer True Brick Mold Profile Van Mark TrimFormer Optional bead form
Rib can go in or outward "True" brick mold profile Optional Bead form dies
add beauty & functionality
Van Mark TrimFormer Crown Mold Detail Van Mark TrimFormer Gutter Hood Profile Van Mark TrimFormer Drip Edge with Bead Form Dies
Optional Crown Mold dies
add crown profile to
Beads formed in Gutter
Hood help prevent blow-in rain
Drip Edge w/Bead Form Dies

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Van Mark TrimFormer on a Brake Van Mark TrimFormer Handle Van Mark TrimFormer Solid, Non-Marring Profile Dies