New Tech Remote, 2 Button Start/Stop for 110  Volt - 220 Volt

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NTM 4 Button Remote Start/Stop/Forward/Reverse for 110 Volt - 220 Volt

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Manufacturer Part Number: REM-6-A

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The 4-button remote by New Tech Machinery offers an easy way for you to operate your MACH II 5" or 6" gutter machine or SSR Roof Panel machine from a distance with ease and precision. This new remote now offers 4 buttons including Start, Stop, Forward, and Reverse.


  • Allows users to run out material from a distance quickly and easily
  • Can be installed on new and old machines
  • Available for 5", 6", and combo MACH II gutter machines
  • Also available for MutiPro Jr. SSR Roof Panel Machine