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Van Mark Industrial Slitter and Work Station Combo (Standard 115V Motor)

Manufacturer Part Number: SCI48
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The Van Mark Industrial Slitter and Work Station Combo is a great solution for managing and slitting commercial metals. This slitter features 2 motor options, the 3521 Standard Motor and the 3535 Heavy Duty Motor. The standard motor is a 115 volt, single phase motor that will run 32 feet per minute. The heavy duty 115 volt motor is a single phase motor, that runs at 35 feet per minute, and is required for when perforating steel. Additional features with the Van Mark Industrial Slitter are the roller table, 48" slitter, UniStand. The 2" arbor shaft allows the slitter to handle aluminum and steel, automated by the power package. Designed with a one-person operator in mind, set-up and operation are simplified to increase productivity.
Multiple roller exit table allows for a smooth transition of slit material
UniStand universal brake adds security for slitter and metal materials
Slitter facilitates necessary roofing and siding functions leaving a factory-quality edge
Two sets of adjustable slitting knives for rib formatting
Heavy duty arbors and booster blocks ensure an excellent foundation for reliable service
Dual-hollow support rails designed to prevent tool warping during operation
High torque 115 Volt motor power package included to slit through all commercial metals
Arbor Shafts: 2in.
Motor: 115 Volt high torque power package product #3521
Slitting Knives: 2 sets