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Malco SM1 SmartTool Stapler

Manufacturer Part Number: SM1
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Adding PEX heating tube for a radiant floor heat system may seem simple, but can have complications. Set the tubing too far apart, and cold spots will arise as the heat has a hard time transferring heat through sub floor and concrete. This SmartTool system allows for equal placement of the SmartClips on the wire grid to ensure even heat distribution while saving time by having one person place the clips and not having to bend over and add each, as the SmartTool quickly places the clips and reloads quickly, resulting in the task being done almost twice as fast.

80% faster than traditional process
SmartClips allow for concrete to be laid around PEX tubing
SmartClips through top of SmartTool for easy loading and use
SmartClips allow for easy tube installation with just one foot
Make: Malco
Model: SM1