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NTM Guillotine Shear for Mach II Gutter Machine

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Product Information


The Mach II Gutter Machine Shear is an optional attachment for NTM Mach II Gutter Machines. This device is designed to trim the formed gutter pieces to your desired length as they exit the machine, all in one quick and precise motion. The forward pulling shear acts as a guillotine, providing a cleaner cut compared to trimming with hand snips. Once you have the gutter at the desired length, simply stop the machine and pull the lever of the guillotine to release it, then remove the finished gutter section. The NTM gutter machine shear is available for 5 inch and 6 inch K-style gutter machines.


  • Slices gutter fed out of NTM Mach II Machine
  • Available for 5" and 6" Gutter Machines