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Air Vent Aluminum Wall Mount Louver Vents

- Available in 5 Options. Pricing may vary.

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Product Information


The Air Vent Aluminum Wall Mount Vents are installed in the gable end of the attic. The higher they are placed, the more effective they become as exhaust vents. Wall louvers are not preferred for ventilating an attic, because they provide limited airflow under the roof deck, resulting in "hot spots."


  • Can be used where ridge vents are impractical, or where the homeowner doesn't want roof vents
  • Aluminum construction
  • Flush flange
  • Available in a Baked White Enamel only
  • Please note these items do not have a screen

Design Considerations

  • Adequate soffit venting must be used to meet typical ventilation code requirements
  • If used in place of soffit venting, two louvers of adequate size should be installed on each end of home
  • Must be placed high to be an exhaust vent


Size Net Free Area (Square Inches)
8" x 8" 17.6/pc.
8" x 12" 26.4/pc.
12" x 12" 39.6/pc.
12" x 18" 59.4/pc.
14" x 24" 92.4/pc.
18" x 24" 118.8/pc.

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