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CertainTeed WinterGuard Sand Underlayment

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Product Information


The CertainTeed WinterGuard is Composed of an SBS-modified asphalt that is saturated in the membrane and coated over the membrane. This makes a tough reinforcement that is self-adhering and waterproof. The top surfaces of the Winterguard sand and granular both are composed of mineral matter. This enhances traction during application. All Winterguard products, however, are protected with a disposable release film that is coated with silicone, and this release film happens to be divided longitudinally down the center for simpler application. Also, Winterguard products are most commonly used in critical areas on a structure. Winterguard Sand and granular underlayments, however, are commonly used in places that help to prevent leakage in a structure due to water back-up from ice dams or wind-driven rain.

Please Note: WinterGuard is warranted against manufacturing defects and to remain watertight for the same period as the warranty duration carried by the shingles applied above it -- up to a maximum of 50 years.


  • Do not expose WinterGuard permanently to sunlight. Cover WinterGuard as soon as possible with a permanent roof surface. The maximum exposure time is 6 months.
  • Common use critical areas: roof eaves, valleys, and as a waterproofing underlayment for low-slope shingle, metal (HT only), slate, and mechanically-fastened tile roofing applications.
  • WinterGuard Sand and Granular underlayments are designed for use on roof decks as a waterproofing barrier beneath shingle, slate and tile roofs.
  • Embedded sand to enhance traction during application
  • Improved exposure prior to shingling over
  • Very effective under tile
  • Waterproof and ice resistant barrier that prevents leaks from ice dams
  • Made from asphalt polymers for vapor tight seal


  • Roll Length: 65 ft. (short roll 32.5 ft.)
  • Roll Width: 3 ft.
  • Roll Coverage: Each roll covers 1.95 Square
  • Roll Weight: 68 lbs. per roll (short roll 35.5 lbs. per roll)
  • Roll Thickness: 60 mils
  • Meets ASTM D1970 Specification
  • Pallet Quantity: 20 Rolls

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