Air Vent Solar Powered Gable Mounted Power Fan

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Air Vent Solar Powered Gable Mounted Power Fan - 800 CFM

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Manufacturer Part Number: NPSG8

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The Air Vent Solar Powered Gable-Mounted Power Fan 800 CFM is an exciting alternative to traditional attic ventilation. That's because it is powered by a solar panel that collects energy directly from the sun and converts it into electricity -- naturally -- to power a durable, high efficiency 24-volt DC motor. As a totally solar-powered solution, it's also environmentally friendly. There is no electrical hookup or electrical costs which makes the installation fast and easy. The Air Vent Solar Powered Gable Mounted Power Fan mounts in the gable end of the home, behind a decorative shutter (not provided).

The solar panel comes with brackets that allow for mounting on the roof. It collects energy throughout the day under direct sunlight and converts it into "free" power to operate the fan. This provides ventilation during daylight hours, when it is needed the most. This solar panel made by Air Vent creates up to 800 cubic feet of air movement per minute to remove uncomfortable heat in the summer and damaging moisture in the winter. It is also wind, hail, and impact-resistant to stand up to the elements.


  • High efficiency, durable 24-volt DC motor
  • One power attic ventilator is usually sufficient, unless it's a very large attic
  • Ideal for hip roofs
  • Excellent option for tile roof ventilation


  • For proper attic ventilation, the Home Ventilation Institute recommends a system that provides at least 10 air exchanges an hour. To determine the fan capacity needed to provide this minimum airflow, use the following formula: attic square feet x 0.7 = CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute)
  • Power vents are rated by CFM. Look for a power vent that provides at least the minimum CFM requirement. Remember, the higher the CFM the more air exchanges per hour
  • Note: for roofs 7/12 or higher, you may want to add 20% more CFM capacity to handle the larger volume of attic space; 30% more for roofs 11/12 and higher
  • Adequate soffit venting must be installed for best performance
  • If using gable vents, gable vents must be installed on the down-wind end of the home

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