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RH Peterson Vented Triple T Burner

- Available in 3 Options. Pricing may vary.

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Product Information


The Triple T Burner is designed specifically for Vented Fireplaces. Simply add the burner with a Vented log and a control kit for complete your fireplace.

Vented and Vent Free Fireplaces

When choosing your Fireplace Log and Burner, the current set-up of your home will determine the type of log and burner needed. There are two primary options you can use: Vented & Vent Free. Vented is a set-up that will allow the fumes from the fireplace to escape through and ventilation system and expel it outside a home. Vent Free burners do not have a ventilation outlet for the gas, and will circulate around a home, but at lower levels than a Vented model. Vented models will have a much more lively flame due to having better access of gas to burn.

Configuration of Your Fireplace

To create a Vented Fireplace, Realfyre requires both the log, burner and control kit for proper set-up. When selecting your burner, choose a burner that matches the size of the log and a control kit compatible with the gas set-up you will have in your home. Installation must be done by a professional installer to ensure proper safety protocols are met.


  • Available in 18, 24, and 30 inch length
  • Natural Gas or Propane set-up
  • Logs not included, see related products


  • Make: RealFyre
  • Model: G45
  • Available Lengths: 18, 24, and 30in.