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RH Peterson Vent Free Variable Flame Burner

- Available in 4 Options. Pricing may vary.

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Product Information


The variable flame burner is for vent free set-ups for a fireplace. This burner can be used with RealFyre's line of vent free logs. Choose form Natural Gas or Propane for your home's fireplace. The Variable Flame offers great flame looks that will dance around your log.

Vented and Vent Free Fireplaces

When choosing your Fireplace Log and Burner, the current set-up of your home will determine the type of log and burner needed. There are two primary options you can use: Vented & Vent Free. Vented is a set-up that will allow the fumes from the fireplace to escape through and ventilation system and expel it outside a home. Vent Free burners do not have a ventilation outlet for the gas, and will circulate around a home, but at lower levels than a Vented model. Vented models will have a much more lively flame due to having better access of gas to burn.

Configuration of Your Fireplace

To create a Vent Free Fireplace, Realfyre requires both the Log and burner for proper set-up. When selecting your burner, choose a burner that matches the size of the log and is compatible with the gas set-up you will have in your home. Installation must be done by a professional installer to ensure proper safety protocols are met.


  • Available in 18, 24, and 30 inch length
  • Natural Gas or Propane set-up
  • Logs not included, see related products


  • Make: RealFyre
  • Model: G10
  • Available Lengths: 18, 24, and 30in.

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