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Air Vent Roof Mount Solar Attic Vent - 800 CFM

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The Air Vent Roof Mount Solar Attic Vent - 800 CFM operates during the day and collects power from direct sunlight to convert into electricity. In turn, this energy operates a high efficiency motor inside the power vent, so there's no added cost for electricity. That saves energy, which is better for the environment. The Solar Attic Vent includes a solar panel comes mounted to the dome on a bracket that tilts and rotates to maximize sun exposure. As a totally solar-powered solution, it's also environmentally friendly.

The SolarCoolProduct solar vent operates without fuel, waste or pollution. There's no need for electrical hook-up or electricity, simplifying the installation process. Initial installation costs are the homeowner's final costs! It's fast, efficient and affordable. The solar panel is on a bracket, allowing it to be tilted or rotated to the south or west for maximum sun exposure and optimal energy collection. And, because it's a single unit, it's easier to install.


  • Solar panel mounts separately from dome
  • 10-foot cord on solar panel so that the panel can be positioned for optimal sun exposure
  • Up to 800 CFM for attics up to 1,200 square feet
  • Low-profile, rust resistant, galvanized steel dome
  • Solar panel is wind, hail, and impact resistant
  • It operates during the day under direct sunlight when your attic requires more air movement
  • Unlike most electric power vents that are regulated by a thermostat, the Solar Powered Roof-Mounted Attic Vent works continuously from sunrise to sunset, under direct sunlight, keeping the attic ventilated all day long instead of waiting for the attic to get overheated


  • Most power attic ventilators only have a thermostat, so they only monitor the heat in the attic. Moisture buildup is also a problem in the attic. A solution is a power attic ventilator featuring a combination thermostat/humidistat. (See "Plus" models.)
  • For proper attic ventilation, the Home Ventilation Institute recommends a system that provides at least 10 air exchanges an hour. To determine the fan capacity needed to provide this minimum airflow, use the following formula: attic square feet x 0.7 = CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute).
  • Power vents are rated by CFM. Look for a power vent that provides at least the minimum CFM requirement. Remember, the higher the CFM the more air exchanges per hour.
  • Note: for roofs 7/12 or higher, you may want to add 20% more CFM capacity to handle the larger volume of attic space; 30% more for roofs 11/12 and higher
  • Keep in mind that there are energy costs associated with operating a power attic ventilator
  • Adequate soffit venting must be installed for best performance
  • If using gable vents, gable vents must be installed on the down-wind end of the home

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