Van Mark QuickScore

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Van Mark QuickScore

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Manufacturer Part Number: 3016

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The Van Mark QuickScore is an engineered cutter that provides straight and easy scoring through the whole length of the material. It replaces the usage of a utility knife to score material and will not damage the Van Mark brakes stainless edge or vinyl strip. It has two grip handles where the utility blade engages to score the materials as you grip tighter. The 4-Point Track System on Van Mark's QuickScore has 4 independent tracking wheels that keeps the tool aligned and adjacent to the bending brake to reduce "slip-offs" and wobbling. QuickScore is great for usage on all Van Mark brakes, except the Trim-A-Brake series (not compatible with this brake).


  • Ideal for a contractor doing fascia work
  • Scores at 3/4" for Mark I Series brakes and 5⁄8" for Mark II TrimMaster and Metal Master 20 brakes
  • Material scoring tool that scores at “snap off” point
  • 4-Point Track System that assists with accurate scoring over full length

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  • Weight: 6 lbs.

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