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Safety Hoist VH300 300lb. 26.5 Foot Ladder Hoist (Honda Engine)

Manufacturer Part Number: VH-300H
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The Safety Hoist VH300 is a ladder hoist designed to lift various materials up a ladder, easily and safely. This ladder hoist, or laddervator, has a total height of 26.5 feet and can lift up to 300 pounds of material at one time including roof shingles, plywood, roll goods, and much more.

The VH300 ladder hoist is not only easy and convenient but in some cases, a necessity. With the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) increasing inspections, carrying almost anything in your arms while climbing a ladder may qualify you for a violation or serious fine. Using this device will ensure the safety of your crew while reducing fatigue and the risk of preventable injuries.

The VH300 ladder hoist is meant to be lightweight and portable for easy transport and can be assembled quickly and easily by one person. The Safety Hoist VH300 is offered with two motor options: Briggs and Stratton and Honda engine. Additional 4ft. and 8ft. track extensions are available and sold separately.

Please Note:If any additional track extensions are purchased, a support brace is also required.

ADDITIONAL SAVINGS HUGEsavings on the Safety Hoist VH300 Ladder Hoist accessory items when purchased with the ladder hoist. Accessory items include the4ft. Track Extension8ft. Track ExtensionSupport BraceEmergency StopUnloading Ramp, and the Solar Panel Cradle. Simply add these items to the cart after adding the ladder hoist to the cart and the discount automatically applies! (Discount will not apply to the accessories if purchased separately or at a later date.)

Steel based unit / Rugged design intended for industrial use
Heavy duty track sections / Adjustable motor base
Externally mounted greasable bearings on winch
Brake release can be operated from either side
Self-energizing semi-metallic brake
Engineered to be easy to operate and maintain with a 1 year warranty
Equipped with a new peak for greater stability and strength
No special tools required for assembly
Maximum Hoisting Capacity: 300 pounds
Maximum Hoisting Height: 42.5 feet
Total length: 26.5 feet
Galvanized Steel Cable
100% Ball Bearing Winch
4 Horsepower Gasoline Engine (Briggs & Stratton and Honda)