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MFM Roof Deck Tape

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Product Information


The MFM Roof Deck Tape a self-adhering tape composed of a non-slip film that is coated with a Broad Temperature Spectrum (BTS) asphalt-based adhesive. It is used to tape all seams and joints of a roof deck to prevent water damage in case the main roof fails. Once the joints and seams are taped, the roof may be covered with roofing felt, synthetic or self-adhering underlayment. This aggressive asphalt-based tape allows for great adhesion to plywood, OSB, rigid foam insulation, metal and other common roof deck materials. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty, MFM Roof Deck Tape is an easy and economical adhesive that prevents water from leaking into the building.


  • Prevents water damage to roof deck panels
  • Textured outer surface provides good traction when working on roofs
  • Self-seals around roofing fasteners including nails and staples
  • High elongation, flexible – accommodates expansion and contraction of the roof deck
  • Multiple layers of protection help keep water from entering seams and joints – protects against rain
  • Can also be used to prepare a substrate for MFM Peel & Seal by taping wider than normal joint and seam gaps


  • Material Color: White / Gray
  • Roll Length: 67ft.
  • Roll Thickness: 40 mils
  • Roll Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Carton Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Area Per Carton: 200 square feet

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