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Grace Tri Flex XT Synthetic Underlayment

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Product Information


The Grace Tri-Flex XT is a woven, synthetic, water-shedding underlayment that is high performance. It is more than 20 times stronger than #30 felt. Tri-Flex XT is coated on both sides with a new and enhanced coating formulation made up of slip-resistant polymer for exceptional foot traction. This membrane is tough and weather-resistant and is constructed to function in the harshest weather circumstances in North America. Tri-Flex XT is also built to withstand high wind conditions while also covering more area and being lighter than #30 felt. This underlayment can be used in combination with GCP self-adhered underlayments and is mechanically attached to the roof. It also provides a reliable base for the application of roof coverings that are mechanically attached. This membrane serves as a secondary watershed to prohibit leaks if water penetrates the main roof covering.

Compare to Hydroshield 50 Synthetic Underlayment


  • Improved Slip Resistant Coating
  • Lighter and covers more area
  • Stronger and more durable and can be left exposed for up to 180 days or 6 months
  • Facilitates faster and easier installation
  • Suitable for use under all major roof coverings
  • 25 Year Warranty


  • Roll Length: 250 ft.
  • Roll Width: 48 in.
  • Roll Coverage: 10 Square
  • Roll Weight: 28 lbs
  • Roll Thickness: 7 mils
  • Compliant Codes: ICC-ES AC48, ASTM D779, ASTM D226, ASTM D4870

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