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HydroShield Gutter Guard

- Available in 8 Options. Pricing may vary.

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Product Information


The HydroShield Gutter Guard is a premium raised long diamond pattern gutter guard that prevents your home's gutters from becoming clogged of debris and leaves. Unprotected gutters increase the risk of injury, insect infestations, and unexpected expenses. The patented design of the HydroShield Gutter Guard blocks debris from getting into your gutters while allowing water to easily flow through. Blocking debris from entering the gutters prevents water from getting trapped, which reduces the likelihood of obstruction. This gutter guard provides all season gutter protection that can prevent freezing water and ice damming during the winter months. The HydroShield Gutter Guard is available in 5in. and 6in. Flex-Fit or Snap-Fit options.

All HydroShield Gutter Guards have different sizes of screen areas. For the Flex Fit options, the 5in. has a screen size area of 4-3/8in. and the 6in. has a screen size area of 5-1/2in. The 5in. Snap Fit option has a screen size area of 2-7/8in. and the 6in. option has a screen size area of 3-7/8in. Flex-Fit options are 7/8in. wider to accommodate the extra length needed to install under the roof. The reason for mesh difference is the Flex Fit needs more area as it goes under the shingle. The water performance is the exact same for the Flex and Snap profiles, as it will take on any amount you give it, leaving you PROTECTED BY THE SHIELD.

Need help determining what option best suits your gutters? Purchase a HydroShield Gutter Guard Sample and automatically receive $5 off your next HydroShield Gutter Guard purchase!


  • Screws sold separately here
  • The Flex-Fit option easily installs underneath existing shingles
  • The Snap-Fit option snaps onto the edge of the gutter
  • Fast install time
  • Patented design keeps water free-flowing, even during the heaviest of rainfall
  • Provides an all year protection and barrier
  • Corrosion and Rust Resistant
  • Made in the USA


  • 5in. Gutter Guard Dimensions: 5in. (W) x 3ft. (L) x 0.3in. (H) 
  • 6in. Gutter Guard Dimensions: 6in. (W) x 3ft. (L) x 0.3in. (H)
  • Weight: 11.4 oz. (0.71 lbs.)
  • Coverage: 48 linear ft. (Carton of 16) or 75 linear ft. (Carton of 25)
  • Manufacturer Recommends 3 screws on each end when installed
  • Color/Finish: Silver (Mill Finish Aluminum) for the Flex Fit and Extruded Aluminum for the Snap Fit
  • Material: Aluminum Rails and 304 Stainless Steel Screen (30 Holes per Inch)
  • 900 Holes per Square Inch

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