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CertainTeed Monogram Horizontal Vinyl Siding (2 Square)

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CertainTeed Monogram Horizontal Vinyl Siding provides the look of real wood siding that is molded directly from real cedar boards. CertainTeed TrueTexture technology mimics real rough cedar finish without the expense or heavy maintenance of real cedar siding. The vinyl siding can be used in new or remodeling family homes, multi-housing projects, or light commercial developments. CertainTeed Monogram has the natural look of real painted or stained cedar shingles that are inspired by nature and are designed to blend with your home with the surrounding environment.

Monogram Vinyl Siding from CertainTeed is manufactured with 2 profiles, a Double 4in. and a Double 5in. Dutchlap. Double 4in. Clapboard siding panels are long narrow boards or panels that are nailed horizontally across the house. The term clapboard, lap siding, and horizontal siding can be used interchangeably. Clapboard tends to be flat, with no shadow line showing and is the most common type of vinyl siding. Double 5in. Dutchlap style of siding has a very distinct shadow line that runs along the top edge of each board or panel. The top edge is shaped to create that hand-carved look and resembles the look of boards that have been beveled on the top half at a 45-degree angle. The lower half hangs at a 90-degree angle.

DON'T FORGET THE ACCESSORIES - Vinyl siding accessory items are sold separately and available for purchase on many different product pages. The accessory items that are compatible with the CertainTeed Monogram Horizontal Vinyl Siding include the CertainTeed 3/4in. Vinyl Corner Post, the CertainTeed Vinyl Undersill Trim, the Polaris Universal Starter Strip, and the CertainTeed 3/4in. Vinyl J Channel. Other accessory items are available at the bottom of this product page under "Combine Your Purchase With."


  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • PermaColor Fade Protection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Low-gloss wood-tone blends and Low-gloss solid colors
  • Monogram RigidForm 210 technology has a stiff, double-thick .092" nail hem for a straighter-on-the wall appearance and wind load performance
  • CertiLock post-formed positive lock
  • Patented STUDfinder Installation System combines precisely engineered nail slot locations with graphics


  • Width/Exposure Per Piece: 8in. for the Double 4in. and 10in. Double 5in. Dutchlap
  • Coverage: 2 squares (200 square feet)
  • Panels per Carton: 24 for Double 4 and 20 for Double 5 Dutchlap
  • Thickness: 0.046in.
  • J Channel and Panel Projection: 3/4in.
  • Double 4 Length: 12ft. 6in.
  • Double 5 Dutchlap Length: 12ft.
  • Matte Finish

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