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Moultrie Deer Feeder Pro II Tripod

Manufacturer Part Number: MFG-13450
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The Moultrie Deer Feeder Pro II Tripod is one of the most economical options for a reliable wildlife feeder. The tough polymer hopper will hold more than 150 pounds of corn and features the Pro II Hunter Feeder Kit with an adjustable funnel, metal spin plate, ABS plastic housing, feed-level estimator, battery indicator and external power port. Moultrie's Pro II tripod feeder kit will feed up to 6 different times per day from 1 to 20 seconds per feeding.

Kit includes: Metal spin plate, adjustable funnel, ABS plastic housing, feed level estimator, battery indicator, and external power port
30 gallon metal barrel with a 200 pound capacity and 9 feet fill height
Utilizes square, locking leg for sturdiness and belly band for easy set-up
Digital timer that can program up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds long
Quick-Lock Adapter
Includes one 6-volt battery
Spin Plate/Funnel, Hopper Material, and Kit Housing are made of plastic
Has an adjustable flow
Feeder Height: 5.5 feet
Broadcast: 360 Degrees
Capacity: 200 pounds
Power Source: 6V
Warranty: 1 Year