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Crocodile Cloth Nuvik Alcohol Wipes (80 Pack)

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Crocodile Cloth Nuvik Alcohol Wipes keep your hands clean and sanitized when soap and water are not available. The dual-action cleaning and sanitizing hand wipes help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Nuvik Alcohol Wipes are made with 75% Ethyl alcohol and cuts through grease and grime and is tough on bacteria and other microbial pathogens. These disinfectant wipes from Crocodile Cloth can be used in places such as schools, offices, homes, and medical environments.


  • Hand cleaning and sanitizing without soap and water
  • Biodegradable
  • Helps reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria


  • FDA Registered | National Drug Code # 74602-750
  • Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 75%
  • Sheet Size: 6in. x 8in
  • 80-cloth pack

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Crocodile Cloth Alcohol Wipes Crocodile Cloth Alcohol Wipes