Geocel Window and Door Foam Sealant

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Geocel Window and Door Foam Sealant - Carton of 12 12oz. Cans

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Manufacturer Part Number: 44100

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Product Information


The Geocel Window & Door Foam Sealant is specially designed to eliminate frame distortion during installation. It is a single component, moisture-cure, polyurethane foam sealant with a (H) CFC-free propellant designed to fill gaps, cracks, etc., and stop air infiltration around door and window frames. Geocel Window and Door foam will adhere to masonry, vinyl, wood, steel, and other common building substrates.


  • Expands minimally to eliminate frame distortion during installation
  • Features R-value of 4-5 per inch
  • Window & Door Foam is gray in color, easily distinguishing the product from common expanding foams

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