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Geocel 2000 Construction Caulking Sealant - Carton of 24 10.3oz. Tubes

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Product Information


The Geocel 2000 Construction Caulking Sealant is a single component, non-sag elastomeric sealant, designed for use in most moving and non-moving joints. Within a cured state, this sealant will rejoin to itself if the bead is broken. It will also adhere to itself if any additional sealant is applied over cured material. Geocel 2000 seals to material such as masonry, sheet metal, wood, vinyl, and other common building substrates.


  • 100% resealable
  • Gunnable at low temperatures
  • Exhibits immediate adhesion to many building materials, including damp, non-porous surfaces


  • Do not use on traffic-bearing surfaces
  • Not for marine use
  • Do not use for heel bead in glazing applications
  • Do not use on bituminous surfaces
  • Do not use in large joint areas that take longer to cure

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