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Geocel 8150 High Performance Neutral - Carton of 12 10.3oz. Tubes

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Product Information


The Geocel 8150 High Performance Neutral Sealant is a neutral cure, high performance, high modulus, one component silicone with excellent adhesion to both porous and non-porous surfaces. It is ideal for a variety of construction and industrial applications. Geocel 8150 will adhere to glass, aluminum, wood, plastic, metal, concrete, and other common building substrates.


  • 100% Silicone
  • Versatile, high performance
  • Provides a high joint movement capability of ± 25%
  • Excellent weather ability


  • Product is not recommended for exterior, below grade use
  • Not recommended for continuous water immersion
  • Do not use in applications over tar, asphalt, or materials that bleed oils, plasticizers, or solvents
  • Do not use on marble substrates
  • Do not use in applications in airtight enclosures as the sealant requires atmospheric moisture to cure
  • Do not use on horizontal traffic joints
  • Do not use on brass, copper, or other sensitive metals as discoloration may occur
  • Product may stress-craze polycarbonate materials

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