Tapco Windy Special 10 6" Port-O-Brake

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Tapco Windy Special 10 Foot 6 Inch Siding Brake

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Manufacturer Part Number: 10829

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Product Information


The Tapco Windy Special siding brake is a great entry-level metal bending brake. This lightweight, yet durable Tapco brake, delivers versatility and portability for contractors looking to bend a wide variety of materials, but still want the compact design that is easy to transport.The Tapco Windy Special is capable of 130-degree overbends and can handle materials such as .030 soft aluminum and 29 gauge galvanized steel.

This 10’ 6” model Port-O-Brake has a 14” throat depth, perfect for creating soffit, fascia, sill trim and window casing for various applications. The Windy brake can be used with the Tapco 30” folding leg set for increased sturdiness. This metal brake is also compatible with the Tapco Brake Buddy roll-forming tool, used to quickly create brick mold trim, as well as the Pro-Coiler which keeps your coil off the ground as you are feeding it through the brake.

Please Note: The Tapco Windy Special 10 Foot 6 Inch Siding Brake can not hem.  


  • Locking system design provides more clamping power with less effort.
  • Locks on a wider variety of material thicknesses with no need for adjustments.
  • Full 14" throat depth.
  • Stainless steel bending edge. Accurate built-in depth gauges
  • Capable of 130 degree overbends.
  • Accommodates PRO-Coiler to keep your coil off the ground and at your fingertips for speedier bending.
  • Removable bending handle for easy transport.
Examples of Common Trim Shapes
1. J-Channel 2. Box/Door Casing 3. Fascia 4. Frieze
J-Channel Box/Door Casing Fascia Frieze
5. Drip Cap/Sill/Mullion 6. Lintel 7. Brick Frieze 8. Inside Corner
Drip Cap/Sill/Mullion Lintel Brick Frieze Inside Corner

Compatible Accessories

  • Pro Coiler
  • Folding Leg Set for Windy Brakes


Brake Information Bending Capacities
“Windy” SP Port-O-Brake 10'6"- 104 lbs. Soft Aluminum up to .030
Throat Depth: 14” Galvanized Steel up to 29 ga.
Mouth opening: 3/4” Copper up to 16 oz.
Number of C Castings: 4 --------
Does not hem --------

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Due to increased brake sales we have implemented new standards in the way our brakes are packaged to insure the safety of your brake during shipment. It is our priority to provide the best customer service possible, as a result of this we are making you, the customer, aware of changes that require report of any damage within 24 hours or we will be unable assist you as this is in accordance with our delivery service.    

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