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Mid America Vinyl MountMaster Mini Mounting Blocks (In Stock Now)

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Mid-America MountMaster Mini Mounting Blocks are ideal for smaller applications such as doorbells, outlets, spigots and electrical outlets. MountMaster Mini Mounting Blocks come in four different styles depending on your projects needs. Mini Precut have feature a precut opening 1.9375" x 3" opening for use with existing outlets. Solid face has no cutouts and can be altered to fit your specific needs. Recessed Mini Mounting Blocks are excellent for near-grade applications such as electrical outlets because of its low-profile. Split Mini are ideal for water spigots because the block splits apart, making it perfect for existing pipes. Available in 200 color options, this mounting block will complement your home while providing functionality. 


  • Color Molded - No chips, fading or scratches
  • Waterproof 


  • Split Block: 5" x 6.75", Locking Position .75", 1", 1.25"

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