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Equipter Stow-A-Brake Truck Rack

Manufacturer Part Number: EQSAB
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The Equipter Stow-A-Brake provides a simple solution for siding brake storage that allows the user to easily store their brake on a ladder rack on the side of their vehicle. The Stow-A-Brake system extends to working height, making it fully functional without removing the brake from the rack. It has a gas spring mechanism that applies enough tension that one person can move it into a working position while the rest of the team accomplishes other tasks. The siding brake can easily be removed from the Stow-A-Brake by unhinging the brake lock. The Equipter Stow-A-Brake is backed by a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Includes 4 mounting brackets that can mount on most steel or aluminum racks
Extends to working height, allowing the brake to be used without removing it
Uses gas springs to produce enough tension that one person can bring the brake into work position
Brake easily removes from rack by unhinging brake lock
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Package Weight: 81 pounds
Max Brake Throat: 19 inch
Max Brake Weight: 160 pounds
Max Brake Length: 12 foot 6 inches