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Titanium PSU30 Peel & Stick Roof Underlayment

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Product Information


The Titanium PSU30 Peel and Stick Roof Underlayment is the only modified rubberized asphalt PEEL & STICK underlayment with a tough, rugged surface and a self sealing lap system. This roof underlayment is an advanced, slip resistant, synthetic polymer surfaced, self-adhering, roofing underlayment that is designed for 2:12 or greater sloped roof applications subject to the effects of ice damming and wind driven rain. Titanium PSU30 can be used under many types of roofing materials including: metal, tile, shakes, slate, and both asphalt and synthetic shingles.

To install this underlayment, first make sure your surface is free of debris and dry. It may be applied directly to a plywood, OSB, concrete or masonry roof surface and should be fully covered as soon as possible or within 180 days. Priming is not required for attaching to wood surfaces when the temperature is above 40°F. Concrete and masonry decks should be primed with a solvent or a water based primer that meets ASTM D41 for asphalt based self-adhesive membranes. To apply, peel back 1-2 feet of release liner, align the membrane then hand press or walk on, and follow with a 40 lb or heavier pressure roller to smooth and secure the membrane. For more detailed directions see Installation Instructions below. 


  • Class A Fire ASTM E108
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D1970
  • Meets Class 4 Hail rating
  • Watertight asphalt to asphalt lap system
  • All temperature performance (-40 degree F to 240 degree F)
  • Up to 6 months UV exposure rating
  • Patented SURE-FOOT slip resistant technology
  • Synthetic construction inert to mold growth
  • Cool light gray surface, doesn't expand or contract
  • Engineered to lay flat and not buckle or wrinkle when exposed to temperature and moisture fluctuations


  • Length Per Roll: 72’ / 22 m
  • Width Per Roll: 36” / 91.4 cm
  • Weight Per Roll: 48 lbs / 22 kg
  • Roll Size: 2 sq / 20 m²
  • Minimum Thickness: 45 mils (1.1 mm)

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