Free Shipping

Many products on the website qualify for Free Shipping* in the continental 48 United States. Products can be shipped UPS, FedEx, USPS, or common freight carrier, based on item and/or quantity ordered. All shipments are completed by a 3rd party shipper. Please note that certain locations may incur an additional shipping surcharge in metropolitan areas or a ferry charge for islands. These may be applicable in the states of MA, FL, MI, WA, NY, SC, NC, but are not limited to this list and are at the discretion of the carrier. To avoid this surcharge, you may request to pick your items up at the nearest freight terminal (not on the island). We will contact you as soon as possible, if there are any additional charges for your order. MBS does not ship out of the United States at this time.

*In our efforts to offer the lowest delivered pricing on the site, some select brands have purchase minimums to qualify for Free Shipping. Minimum requirements and shipping costs will vary by manufacturer. Brands without a purchase minimum will qualify for FREE SHIPPING regardless of price or quantity.


Estimated Delivery Times

This map will show the average expected transit time of your package(s) with ground shipment from our facility. Please note, the map does not account for processing time, and a majority of manufacturers have an average processing time of 3-5 business days before shipping. (This processing time varies by brand/product. Please view the Estimated Ship Date on each product page for specific lead times). Holiday shipping schedules may also impact delivery times.

Please note, these are approximate lead times. Modern Builders Supply Inc. cannot be held responsible for the cost of scheduling contractors/installers before your product has arrived. To avoid unnecessary costs, always ensure that your shipment has arrived in full and that all merchandise is in satisfactory condition prior to scheduling contractors/installers. If there is any visible damage to your package or items are missing when it arrives please view our Damages Policy.

FedEx Shipping Map

Shipping Information

Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email containing your shipment's tracking/pro number. Once tracking is sent, it may take up to 24 hours to become available on the carrier's website.

For LTL Shipments, in order for your package to be delivered safely, it is within our policy and the carrier's policy that the receiver schedules a delivery appointment.

Without a delivery appointment, your shipment could be overlooked by the carrier, resulting in continuously delayed deliveries, and your shipment may start to incur storage fees that you would be responsible for. If you are unable to schedule a delivery appointment, this leaves the risk of your shipment being sent back to us as “undeliverable”, which will be returned in accordance with our Return Policy.

Ground Shipment Product Delivery

For all ground deliveries ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT PROMPTLY AND REPORT ANY DAMAGED OR MISSING ITEMS TO US WITHIN TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS! We cannot provide reimbursement or replacement product(s) or part(s) of any kind; if issues are not reported within two (2) business days; 48 hours of delivery, no exceptions. Missing/damaged shipments; hardware must be reported within 48 hours, as there is only so much time that a claim can be filed against the ground carrier or manufacturer for a replacement product(s) or refunded. Pictures of the packaging, the product(s), and the packing slip are all required to file a claim.


Scheduling Delivery Appointment(s)

Once your order arrives at the nearest destination terminal to your shipping address, the carrier will call the number on the shipment to schedule a delivery appointment. This would be a good date and time that works best for you to inspect and sign for your shipment of any damaged or missing product(s).

Please note all posted delivery dates on carrier websites are estimated dates; due to any unforeseen transportation occurrences and or weather delays that could occur through the transit of your shipment, to you.

  • If your LTL Shipment requires a forklift at the time of unloading, we will reach out to you to confirm there is or will be a forklift at the delivery location for the order.
  • If a forklift is not available, you can pick it up at the carrier's nearest terminal. The carrier will have the necessary equipment to load your shipment onto your box trailer or truck.

If the delivery appointment does not take place, or you do not hear from the carrier by the posted scheduled date online, please call our customer service line at 800.453.0349 so we can assist you in getting ahold of the carrier.


LTL Shipment Product Delivery

Upon the time of product delivery for all LTL shipments, YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO SIGN FOR YOUR SHIPMENT and it is recommended that YOU INSPECT YOUR ORDER EFFICIENTLY AND IMMEDIATELY AT THE TIME OF ARRIVAL. If upon arrival you notice visible freight damage(s) or missing product(s), we recommend you do the following below,

  • Make a notation of any damage and/or missing product(s) on your delivery receipt
  • Notify the delivery driver of the damage(s) or missing product(s), and request that he/she makes a note of the damage(s) or missing product(s) on their delivery receipt.
  • Take photos of how the product(s) arrived and forward that information to our email at, so that we may proceed with resolving your issue. (please attach your order number within the subject line.)

LTL Claims can only be made when it is indicated on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. No claims will be allowed without the delivery receipt being signed by the receiver and the carrier. If the freight carrier has acknowledged the delivery receipt from our facilities as being in good condition; by your acceptance, you acknowledged that your shipment was delivered in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any product(s) if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt.

Damaged or Missing Product(s)

In order to get you the replacement product(s), or a refund for the damaged and/or missing product(s) we require that photos be taken and sent so we can proceed with the claim process on your behalf. Damaged or defective products that arrive are NOT to be assembled or installed. Once the product(s) are assembled, altered, or installed we cannot replace the product(s) or process a claim.

Any concealed damage (damage found after opening packages) can still have claims filed on your behalf. Although concealed damages must be noted immediately upon opening your shipment. If it has been more than ONE WEEK of having the damaged product(s) in your possession, we cannot provide you with replacements or reimbursement.

If we believe the damaged or defective products need picking up, we will inform you of that information as soon as possible

Claim Information

A claim will need to be filed before replacements will be shipped. We cannot file a claim on your behalf or offer reimbursement(s) of any kind if the issue is not noted to us within 48 hours of delivery or if the damaged or missing product(s) are not documented on the delivery receipt, no exceptions.

For claims in regards to missing items where photos of the damages are not applicable, please include a photo of your packing slip and other items you did receive if any.

For claims regarding damage(s) or missing product(s) where photos are applicable, we would need photos showing the below information,

  • A picture clearly showing each problem or area of damage
  • A picture showing any damage to the box or packaging if applicable
  • The label on the box the damaged item or items came in
  • A picture of the serial number on your unit.
  • A picture showing the signed delivery receipt, detailing the current issue.

We will use those photos to review, collaborate, and confirm exactly where and when the damages and/or missing product(s) occurred. Please note that the claim process requires research and collaboration and may take 3-5 business days. Once we have a clear update we will forward that information to you via email with the resolution we have.