TranzSporter Ladder Hoist Accessories

Ladder Hoist Accessories

TranzSporter Ladder Hoists have a standard height of 28ft. Add a maximum of 44ft. to your ladder hoist with the 4ft. or 8ft. track extensions. The extensions are the same width at 17in., as the ladder tracks for the hoist. The telescoping support brace is a required item for any additional track extensions added. These braces withstand the additional weight added to the ladder tracks. The platform hoist stabilizer is a handy accessory that attaches exclusively to the TranzSporter TP250 and TP400 series platform hoist track, allowing for proper stand-off from the roof and gutters. TranzSporter's Solar and Plywood Panel Saddle Carriage is constructed to let solar panels and plywood roll off the hoist easily and also provides transportation of heavy panels to the rooftop. A recommended accessory with the saddle carriage is the secondary handle kit. This is due to the fact that the solar carriage is in the way of the foot pedal which engages the hoist; you can use the secondary handle to put on the side of the hoist to engage it instead of trying to get to the foot pedal.

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