MFM Construction and Roof Tapes

MFM construction and roof tapes are strong seal tapes that prep your roof, deck, ledger boards, joists, and other construction and roofing projects for the next layers. Construction and roof tapes have many different unique qualities about them. Deck wrap can be adhered in low temperatures and extends the life of decks and posts. It prevents degradation and rot and can be used with treated, untreated, and synthetic wood products.

Double bond membrane is ideal for lighter applications such as skylights and chimneys. It provides a strong weatherproof barrier through a wide range of weather conditions and adheres to most smooth surfaces and plywood. Ridge seal is good for application under concrete, clay, and synthetic hip and ridge tiles. It eliminates the use of expensive mortar applications to hip and ridge areas that can be critical areas for blowing rain. Ridge seal also serves as an insect blocker for those critical areas. Roof deck tape is a reliable, asphalt-based adhesive that can be applied around all joints and seams of a roof deck to prevent water from entering the structure. Roof deck tape also self seals around the nail, screw, and staple roof fasteners, and can be stuck to plywood, OSB, rigid foam insulation, metal and other common materials involved with a roof deck. All MFM construction and roof tapes are a great first defense to weather and insects.

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