Ridge Vents

CertainTeed Ridge Vents come in a couple of different styles, such as a Filtered Ridge Vent and a Filtered Rolled Ridge Vent. The regular CertainTeed Filtered Ridge Vent installs onto the peak of a roof which allows exhaust ventilation all along the roof line, and it is molded from high-impact copolymer with a slim profile that blends for visual appeal. This permits shingle capping over the ridge for a uniform, finished roof aesthetic. The CertainTeed Filtered Rolled Ridge Vent is an external wind baffle that deflects wind and weather over the vent and creates low pressure above the vent to pull air out of the attic. It has a built-in ventilation weather tight end plug that flexes for different roof pitches and protects the roof decking. This ridge vent has internal ribbing that adds rigidity to make the vent nail gun friendly.

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