FT Synthetics Roofing Underlayments

FT Synthetics Roofing Underlayments are synthetic roofing membranes that are made to keep moisture, water, wind, ice, and bugs out of your roof in order to prevent mold buildup, leaks or other damage. They also contain Gripsot technology for safe roof walking. The FT Hydra membrane is created with a HYDRY technology that is made to quickly absorb water from the roof deck and transfer it at a rate that is 15 times faster than the leading breathable synthetic underlayment and is 10x the traditional #30 felt. FT Platinum is a 100% recyclable, water-resistant polyolefin that has 5x more coverage than felt does and is a lightweight 30lb. replacement for felt.

FT Platinum HT is manufactured of a polyolefin and modified rubberized asphalt backing with a low-temperature deck adhesion (down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit) and high-temperature airflow stability (up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit). This HT (high temperature) underlayment has a split release silicone liner and a synthetic construction to inhibit mold growth. The Gold underlayment is lightweight, durable, and provides the best protection available while also being cost-effective and a reliable 30 lb. replacement product for felt. FT Silver is cost-effective and is a reliable 15 lb. replacement product for felt. It also has a 90 day UV resistance and a 20-year limited warranty. The FT Synthetics Pro 20 Synthetic Underlayment is composed of 100% recyclable, water-resistant polyolefin with an exceptional, nonwoven, slip-resistant surface and is a reliable 15 lb. replacement product for felt that also has a 20-year limited warranty. The FT Synthetics Cobalt Ultra HT Ice and Water Shield is a self-adhered membrane with a split release liner that is silicone treated for easy removal and application and can be applied straight to plywood, OSB, fully cured concrete or a masonry roof surface.

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