Titanium Roofing Underlayments

Titanium roofing underlayment is designed to be applied to various surfaces such as metal, clay, slate, concrete, ceramic and shingle roofs. Titanium waterproofing membranes are made to be an all-in-one, self-adhering substance to keep out weather elements. All Titanium self-adhering membrane underlayments are waterproof, offer all-temperature flexibility, and can withstand up to six months of UV exposure. These Titanium roof underlayments are composed of modified rubberized asphalt with a tough, rugged surface and a self-sealing lap system. The available thicknesses vary in range from 15 mil up to professional grade 45 mil synthetic underlayments. Their cool, light gray surface will not expand or contract with the rain, wind, or even ice, and resist any mold growth. Titanium's roofing underlayments do not break down, dry out and degrade like other peel and stick felt underlayments. All products qualify under Class A Fire ASTM E108 and meet or exceed ASTM D226. Most Titanium products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.