TranzVolt Ladder Hoists

The TranzVolt G2 Platform Ladder Hoist System by Tie Down can lift shingles, solar panels, plywood, tools, and bulk roofing materials to a roof quickly while reducing fatigue. This high-quality electric ladder hoist is an improvement over the previous model and now utilizes AmSteel-Blue, a high-performance fiber cable that is extremely durable. The TranzVolt G2 Ladder Hoist has a lifting capacity of 250 pounds and can carry materials as high as 44 feet at an astonishing rate of 2 feet per second.

A variety of hoist kits are available to best suit the roofing job at hand. The TranzVolt G2 Laddervator Power Hoist Starter Kit provides everything needed for a starter electric ladder lift including the power box, carriage frame, two remotes, three 8 foot track sections, one 4 foot track section, bottom stop bracket, top cap with tilt roller, and pins and hardware. If platform accessories are needed, the TranzVolt G2 Ladder Hoist Pro Kit includes everything from the starter kit, plus your choice of the Collapsible Platform Kit or the Solar Tilt Platform Kit. The Collapsible Platform works great to lift shingles, rolled goods, and tools up to the roof. The Solar Tilt Platform can lift larger, more delicate materials securely such as solar panels, plywood, and windows. When the Solar Tilt Platform reaches the top of the track, the tilt carriage pivots to allow workers to safely remove the materials. These platform kits are also available to be purchased separately.

TransVolt G2 Solar Pro Kit
Price: $6,364.39
Sale Price: $5,870.06
TranzVolt 250lb. 28ft. Cordless Ladder Hoist
Price: $5,224.63
Sale Price: $4,774.29
TranzVolt 250lb. 28ft. Cordless Ladder Hoist
Price: $690.99
Sale Price: $592.82