Korkers specializes in fishing, outdoor, and work footwear that adapts with you to your environment. Korkers OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System enables the wearer to customize the traction of their soles within minutes. To swap your soles out, simply release the strap on the back of the boot and pull. A new sole can be added by lining the tabs on top of the sole up with the bottom of the boot and pressing in, and securing the strap onto the back. Currently available from Korkers are a full line of wading boots for fly fishing, and warm winter boots for harsh weather. Korkers also offers accessories that can easily modify your existing footwear to conquer difficult terrain. The Korkers TuffTrax 3 In 1 Overshoe Cleats for Work Boots are roofing cleats that can adapt your boots for metal and shingle roofing. Ice cleats with spikes are also available to provide your shoes or boots with enough traction to prevent slips or falls on winter ice and snow.