KWM Gutterman

KWM was founded in 1983 by a self-employed roofing gutter contractor named Karl W. Minor Sr, who was dedicated to helping other contractors by creating the first continuous gutter-forming machine. We offer a wide selection of KWM gutter machines that make siding, roofing, and gutter jobs more manageable for everyone. Choose the 5", 6", 7", or combination gutter machine for the job. To improve your projects with a KWM gutter machine, outfit it with all of the necessary KWM Gutterman Gutter Machine parts and accessories such as stands, spools, cradles, riser pads, and more.

All of the KWM gutter machines available in K style are the 5in, 6in, 5/6in Combo, 5in Jr, 6in Jr, 5/6in Jr, 7in, 8in, and 7/8in. There is also a 6 In Half Round gutter machine (half-round are gutters where the lip is rolled inward) and a Fascia Machine with three different options.