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Van Mark Trim A Gutter Brackets

- Available in 4 Options. Pricing may vary.

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Product Information


When you add all the manufacturing steps that go into producing this component with the material sciences formulated into the aircraft-grade aluminum billet, it's easy to understand why Trim-A-Gutter brackets rise to the top of their class, far exceeding the low budget economy-grade gutter nails, ferrules, hangers, clips and straps used by the others.

The Van Mark Trim A Gutter Brackets are patented brackets that are extruded using 6000 Series alloys. This group contains silicon and magnesium in approximate proportions to form magnesium silicide, thus making it heat-treatable. The 6000 Series is known for its corrosion resistance, strength, surface quality and anodizing characteristics while offering excellent form-ability in a heat-treatable alloy with exceptional mechanical properties. We're just getting started. Alloyed aluminum, which has been cast into billets, is heated to a temperature at which it is soft and malleable but below the melting point. It is then forced, under thousands of pounds of pressure, through a die that replicates the bracket design specifications into lengths up to 150 feet. The extrusion is then cooled, straightened, cut to the desired length and baked in an oven to achieve the desired hardness.

We're still not done yet. The bracket screw holes are then drilled (not stamped), to ensure uniform gutter attachment to the fascia. Finally, the bracket is de-burred in a tumbling process to remove any sharps that can cut into an unprotected hand. Why go to all this trouble Simple, Van Mark wants you to be competitive with these brackets being the basis for many successful and profitable Trim-A-Gutter™ installations without costly call backs or warranty work.

Trim-A-Gutter made gutter hood and hardware accessories are designed for residential and commercial roofs of 3/12 or greater pitch and 5 inch K style gutters installed new or retrofit. Modifications may be necessary when installing in conjunction with slate, tile, shake and metal roofs. Modifications should be preformed by a roofing or gutter professional having general knowledge in the field to which the application applies.

As rainwater collects and cascades over the gutter hood, a natural surface tension is created causing the rainwater to follow the contours of the gutter hood. Once gravity takes over, the rainwater has cleared the gutter edge and falls into the gutter trough itself. Leaves and other rigid debris are unable to make the transition, falling harmlessly to the ground.


  • Used with the Van Mark Trim-A-Gutter
  • 5 or 6 inch gutter options available
  • 1 Year Warranty


Possible Mounts
Van Mark Trim A Gutter 3/12 Pitch Under Shingle Profile Van Van Mark Trim A Gutter 12/12 Pitch Fascia Mount Profile Van Mark Trim A Gutter 8/12 Pitch Over Shingle Profile Van Mark Trim A Gutter 18/12 Pitch Over Shingle Profile Van Mark Trim A Gutter 12/12 Pitch Box Gutter Fascia Mount Profile
3/12 Pitch
Under Shingle
12/12 Pitch
Over Shingle
12/12 Pitch
Fascia Mount
8/12 Pitch
Over Shingle
18/12 Pitch
Over Shingle
12/12 Box Gutter
Fascia Mount