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Van Mark Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ Industrial Brakes with Stand

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The new Van Mark Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ 60 Series Industrial Brake is an updated version of the older Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ 50 Series Brake. The C Castings are all new and adds additional life to your siding brake. They are 15% lighter, and 20% stronger than the 50 series model brake C Castings. This means the castings will last longer and produce more precise bends than the original model. This industrial siding brake comes with the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing to provide the best one-stop-shop for all your job site bending. Easily create "W" style valley-pan bends, to soffits and roof flashing, including wide hip and ridge cap, HVAC duct & plenum work, and more. Van Mark manufactures the Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ with a 20in. throat depth to provide more efficient, precise bends down the entire length of the brake.


  • Locking handle comes with quick release for easy transportation
  • Power Lock produces crisp bends without oil canning/warping
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Cam Lock System that consists of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene wedge
  • Uses two military grade aluminum castings
  • POWERslot hinge "auto measures" 5/8" hem
  • Bending handle ideal for bending and hemming full length 8ft.+ pieces
  • Master Stand EZ™ included
  • Cut smaller widths outside the brake for better control
  • Full 150° bending radius
  • 20" throat depth
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Please note: The steel tape measure on Van Mark brakes 12 '6” and longer extends to 10’6”


Models Bending Capacities
Model Length # of C Castings Weight 
Material Thickness
IM665 6'6" (2.0m) 5 217 lbs. Aluminum (3003H14) .050 in.
IM865 8'6" (2.6m) 5 227 lbs.
Galvanized Steel 20 ga.
IM1065** 10'6" (3.2m) 7 259 lbs.
Painted Steel Grade D 24 ga.
IM1265* 12'6" (3.8m) 9 363 lbs. 
Roofing Copper 36 oz
IM1465* 14'6" (4.4m) 10 385 lbs. 
Zinc Alloy .050 in.

Stainless Steel (304L) 24 ga.
*Includes dual bending and locking handles.
**Includes dual bending handles and 1 locking handle.
Note: Capacities are based on standard metal properties for coil

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