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Malco Pan Style Mini-Brake

Manufacturer Part Number: MB48B
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The Malco Pan Style Mini-Brake can create drip pans and register boxes, as well as complicated corners for flashing and fascia, on any job site. MB48B can be easily carried by two people or separated into two pieces and carried by an individual. MB48B operates on a workbench, tailgate, or optional legs..Malco Pan Style Mini-Brake can bend up to capacities: .040 inch Aluminum, .040 inch Soft Copper, .040 inch Zinc, .034 Galvanized Steel 22 Gauge, and .030 inch 55% Al-Zn Mild Steel 22 Gauge.

On-the-job pans, angled corners, or large components
Fast, easy assembly
One-person Portability
Works on bench, tailgate or leg kit
135° bends in 22 gauge galvanized
Bend Angle: 0-135°
Minimum and Max Bend Width 2 inches and 48 inches
Max Pan Height 1/2 inch
Minimum Flange Max Pan Height 3 inches
Net Weight 99 pounds