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HydroShield Housewrap HP (Pallet of 50) (8 Mils)

Manufacturer Part Number: HSHWHP
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The HydroShield HouseWrap High Permeability is designed to prevent the infiltration of air and water while still allowing water vapor to escape. HydroShield House Wrap High Permeability has a 360 degree drainage and can drain in every direction - no matter if the final wall is made of cladding, wood, vinyl, metal, brick, stone, cement sidings, stucco or EFIS. HydroShield HouseWrap High Permeability is an all weather protection layer for any type of construction due to the incorporation of ALTA 360°. This house wrap also comes with the assurance of quality and lifelong service. Plus, this house wrap keeps you PROTECTED BY THE SHIELD from severe weather conditions and environments and is the only choice for demanding applications. Within 6 months of the application of the house wrap, final side wall covering should be applied.

Please Note: The installation of upper layers of housewrap must overlap the lower layers no less than 2 inches (51 mm).

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Can drain in every direction
Unique 360° drainage that no other wrap in the world has
The incorporation of Alta 360° makes this a one of a kind all weather protection layer
Coverage: 900 Square feet
Length: 100 feet / Width: 9 feet
Test Method/Compliant Codes: ASTM E2178 (cfm/ft2@1.57 psf), Gurley Hill (TAPPI-T460) (sec/100cm), ASTM E96 Method A (g/m2/24 hrs), ASTM E96 Method B (g/m2/24 hrs), AATCC 127 (cm), TAPPI T-410 (oz/sq yd), ASTM D3776 (mils), ASTM D882 (lb/in) MD, ASTM D882 (lb/in) CD, ASTM D5034 (lb/in) MD, ASTM D5034 (lb/in) CD, ASTM D1117 (lbs) MD, ASTM D1117 (lbs) CD, ASTM E2273, ICC-ES AC 235 Section 4.5, ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index, Smoke Develop Index, ICC ESR-4485
Basis Weight: 2.2 pounds per inch
Thickness: 8 millimeters
Breaking Strength: 30
Dry Tensile: 45
Tear Resistance (Trapezoid): 13.5