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Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession

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Product Information


Whitetail Institute’s Apple Obsession is a granular attractant that is effective and effortless. It attracts deer from far distances with its newly increased strong apple flavoring attractant and concentrated apple scent. For hunters that do not have the opportunity to plant food plots, Apple Obsession is a good way to go, because it contains 24% protein and Imperial Whitetail Devour. Deer tend to crave Imperial Whitetail Devour, because it is a proprietary taste and scent enhancer. Whitetail Apple Obsession is fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals to give energy levels a boost. It can be poured straight onto the ground and it can stand alone or be used in combination with feed to dramatically increase the consumption of feed.

Planting Dates

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  • Features

    • Highly attractive
    • High Energy and High Protein
    • Can be poured directly on the ground
    • Made in the United States of America
    • Proven Powerful Deer Attractant with a Powerful Scent
    • Developed and Tested by the Whitetail Institute of North America
    • Extremely attractive to deer, especially in the early fall and winter
    • Fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to boost energy levels