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Noblewood Branchwood Teak Shiplap

Manufacturer Part Number: 5082
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The Noblewood Branchwood Teak Shiplap panels are handmade from highly skilled craftsmen. They are reclaimed and repurposed from unused teak tree branches transformed into exquisite shiplap. When trees are cut down, the branches are usually thrown away since they do not have a purpose when making furniture. After they are thrown away, they are collected by Noblewood, who takes this wood and uses it. This reclaimed shiplap will come unstained in order to showcase the natural charm, but the panels can be stained to whatever color that is preferred. Teak wood is a part of the Tectona Grandis wood species and this wood in particular has been reclaimed and repurposed for a good cause and to be admired in consumers’ homes, businesses, or any interior.

Reclaimed teak wood branches from Indonesia
Handcrafted from wood scraps discarded by furniture producers
Tectona Grandis wood species
Comes unstained but can be stained
Natural color to show its original beauty
Constructed for easy installation
Pieces per case: 10
Coverage: 10.8 sq. ft.
Panel Size: 19.5 in. x 8 in.
Case Length: 22.5 in.
Case Width: 9 in.
Case Height: 8.5 in.