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Van Mark Slitters Slitting

Van Mark manufacturers precision slitting tools that can cut, rib-form, and perforate certain materials. Motor packages and a HD Foot Pedal for the Trim-A-Slitter are available to make the material do its job effortlessly.

Industrial Slitters from Van Mark, also known as the SCI48, is a motorized slitter combo for metal roofing, metal buildings, and commercial glass industries to slit sheet metal or coil. Comes equipped with dual-hollow support rails designed to prevent tool warping during operation.

Hand Crank Trim-A-Slitter models are available in 14in., 24in., 36in., 48in., 60in., and 72in. models. These are designed to slit or stiffen aluminum, steel vinyl, or other materials, coil or sheet metal quickly and efficiently.

The 24" Trim-A-Slitter Combo is used for processing trim coil for your residential needs. It includes Coil Cradle, 24" standard slitter with perforating die set, UniStand, and material support.

Trim-A-Slitter Perf Combo is a 24" motorized slitter combo for slitting, perforating, and rib-forming. Ideal for the metal roofing, metal building, and commercial glass industries to process sheet metal or coil. This package comes with 1 HD motor, 1 slitter, 1 stand, 4 knives, and a heavy duty perforating die set.

Van Mark Trim A Slitter Accessories
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Van Mark Trim A Slitter Hand Crank Model
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