Noblewood is an Indonesia-based company that reclaims and repurposes real unused teak wood to create beautiful shiplap wall panels. Every panel is handcrafted, durable, and designed for easy installation. Choose from Noblewood’s selection of unique styles, including Classic Teak, Reclaimed Teak, Rootwood Teak, and Branchwood Teak. The Classic Teak shiplap panels are made from wood scraps discarded by furniture producers. The Reclaimed Teak panels use 100% recycled wood that was rescued from old homes and buildings and are available in three colors. The Rootwood Teak panels are also offered in three colors and are created from teak tree roots, which are often underappreciated or left unused. The Branchwood Teak panels utilize disregarded branches of harvested teak trees. Noblewood dedicates a significant portion of their profits to noble causes that bring about real change.