Polaris Siding and Accessories

Polaris Siding and Accessories include vinyl vertical board and batten siding, vinyl horizontal siding, corner posts, undersill trim, soffit vents, and f and j channel. The vinyl vertical board and batten siding is made with deep cedar embossing and architectural board-on-board detailing, and the vinyl horizontal siding is designed with cedar embossing and texturing pattern. Polaris corner posts create a finished edge at an inside or outside corner, and the undersill trim is used for sealing the edge of the panel that is cut and securing it. The soffit vents come in options of smooth center vent vinyl, smooth solid vinyl or smooth vented vinyl. F Channel is designed to receive soffit panels and hold them in place, while J Channel is a vinyl channel with a 1in. face that is designed to mount siding to the corners and angles on a house.